Wellness Without Borders

Wellness Without Borders is located in northeastern Connecticut.

We are open Thursday and Friday by appointment.

Essiac Tea is available at our Office. It can be picked up or mailed. Call to order.

To contact the Healing Arts Center, please phone us or send a message to mary.healingarts@gmail.com.

Welcome to the Wellness Without Borders website, home to the Healing Arts Center, Healing Arts Institute, Inc., and the Church of Spiritual Stewardship

As our name implies, we acknowledge that there are no boundaries when it comes to health; that of ourselves, our community, and the world; as well as the health of our own material, ethereal, spiritual, and emotional bodies which are interconnected and interdependent. To effect one is to effect the whole. To this end, we show our appreciation by promoting a well-rounded view of wellbeing.

Our center accommodates the Healing Arts Center Institute, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit, who’s mission is to make a difference in the community through alternative health education and recycling goods within our neighborhood. We do this through our community programs such as the Stewardship Project and Kidspace.

We also house, but are not affiliated with, the Church of Spiritual Stewardship, Inc. which is a non-denominational organization that supports the healing ministry of practitioners who wish to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of healing. The Church works in concert with Healing Arts Institute, Inc. by ordaining healing massage ministers and the practice of a Healing Massage Ministry®. The Church of Spiritual Stewardship, Inc. does not reflect the interest or views of Healing Arts Institute, Inc. or the Healing Arts Center.

We work in collaboration with many health practitioners: traditional, alternative, complementary; with a collective intent of balance and health, and have been an active part of our community since 1987.

Have a healthy and peaceful day.