Wellness Without Borders

Wellness Without Borders is located in northeastern Connecticut.

We are open Thursday and Friday by appointment.

Essiac Tea is available at our Office. It can be picked up or mailed. Call to order.

To contact the Healing Arts Center, please phone us or send a message to mary.healingarts@gmail.com.

Stewardship Project

The Stewardship Project has established a distribution network that connects and effects several communities. For the past twenty plus years, we have been collecting household goods, clothing, and more to recycle within our community.

We started out with a donated Jeep truck and utility trailer to pick up items. When the truck “died” we collected funds to buy a van to serve as our “pick-up” vehicle. We have purchased a truck and trailer that can haul larger loads between Connecticut and Vermont and have initiated a fund drive to continue supporting our vehicles. We are appreciative of donations and the people who have offered their services for storage, weekly runs to pick up donated items, maintenance of the vehicles when needed, cash donations, and the construction of this web site. We continue to modify our “system” of pick-ups, storage and distribution, working out many of the bugs.

All donations go directly to this end and as we are a 501 c 3 non-profit corporation, all donations are tax deductible. We also accept donations of “time” – our most valuable resource. Thank you for all that you have given in the past and hope that you will spread the word to your friends so that they might share in this wonderful tradition.

We will continue with this program in the years to come, reaching out to all our neighbors in an attempt to make life just a bit easier. Although money is important to sustain us, the extension of kindness and caring is always our first priority and the donation of personal time is our top resource. Thank you for your continued support over the years.”